March, 2022:

Right now, the old garage doesn't look like much, but there is activity and work is being done to get the farm shop completed.

Previously, the garage could accommodate two cars and could be parked through two arches from the courtyard. The arches have been bricked up and old barn windows have been put in from the hideouts in the attic.

A corner becomes a customer toilet and when you enter through the windbreaker, you enter what should be the coziest little shop, where you as a private person can stop by and supply yourself with a little delicious.

The project has been a long time coming (don't rush anything 😅), but this year it has to be!

We look forward to welcoming you inside.

Follow the building process in the gallery here.

July, 2022:

It is summer and right now the priority is highest in production, so everyone can quench their thirst in the summer heat.

Since lately, however, little has happened.

The windows and walls have been painted and have given a nice light and cozy atmosphere in the room

October, 2022:

It is advancing rapidly with

the construction of our farm shop.

The deadline is to get ready for opening before the Christmas shopping starts.

As always, such a project takes time and the project is adapted to the time together with the rest of the production on the farm.

November, 2022:

Ready – ready – go!!

Then we are finally ready to open the doors to our cozy store in Herning.

The shop is filled with its own organic products and a few other organic goodies.

The elves are ready – and so 🎅☺ are we

From garage to farm shop

The entrance, which is easy to spot as you roll down the dirt road

Inside the door there comes a customer toilet

Power is needed – we have hidden it in the corner

The old barn windows spread just the right cosiness in the store

The old arched ceiling certainly adds to the ambiance as well

Exit (yes and entrance of course..) through the wind trap

The old barn windows have been given a whole new look with a coat of paint

However, they still need to be fitted with glass

We've found the perfect counter for the store – recycle, of course.

We look forward to getting goods in the store and taking the counter into use

Of course, there must also be the opportunity to make room for more Søbogaard juice when you visit the store.

Flour and grains from Skærbækmølle, confectionery from Hattesen, sweets from SweetsOrganic, our own organic saf and the indispensable wooden tie

Oequavit, spirits, fruit wine and mead, have found their way into the "good closet".

Several wonderful wooden ties and slightly different good beers from Bryghuset Møn.

Apple-sweetened jam, honey and slightly different juices

A paradise for jam lovers. Here you will also find nice gift boxes - perfect for the hostess.

We have a selection of Christmas decorations, in handmade felt from Gamcha

Our opening hours in Søbo Gårdbutik: (See them on Google here)

We adjust the opening hours according to the bustle of production, so it is ALWAYS a good idea to check first.