Shop in Studsgård

      The shop is OPEN - finally

               Opening hours:

Wednesday: 15.00 -17.00 (3 pm to 5 pm)

Friday: 13.00 - 15.00 (1 pm to 3 pm)

Sunday: 13.00 -15.00 (1 pm to 3 pm)

March 2022:

Right now it does not really look like a shop. The old garage has been knocked down and build up.

In the attic over the barn we found old windows - the windows has been bouild into the walls - ready for glass. 

When you sted into the (upcoming) door there will be a toilet to the left and the shop at your right side.

The old ceiling is waving in the room - ready to painted.

This project has been on the way in years - but we do not have to rush 😉 

You can follw the bouilding process here.

July 2022:

It is summer - the production is busy as H.. to make juice enough for the summer.

But - now the walls are painted and the windows are ready for glass after a little makeover.

October 2022:

Things happens in a row now. The electricity is finished, lamps hanged up, painting fisnished and the floor is shining.

We need to be finsihed with everything so we can sell a lot of goodies in the shop before christmas.

November 2022:

Ready - set - GO!!

We are finally ready to open. The store is filled up with all of our organic Søbo-goodies and other different organic delicates.

The goblins are ready - and so are we 🎅

The entrance is easy too se when you arrive the adress

The old windows gives a comfortable light in the room

The windows look so beatifull after the makeover

We found the perfect recycled sales desk to the shop

Flour and kernels from Skærbækmølle, sweets from SweetsOrganic - and off course our wooden tighs .

Always nice to know where "to go". Toilet to the left when you go inside.

The waving ceiling contributes to the atmosphere

But, they still need glass..

Looking forward to fil up the store with goodies

Aquavit, wine and mead on lined up

Electricity is important - we have hidden it in the corner

Way in - and out seen from inside

It lightens up when the walls are painted 

For input the goodies - sometimes it takes an output

Visit the store to get one of the wonderfull tree tires or a butterfly

Beers from the local breweri Borgs Bryghus, little aquavits, drinking bottels - and of course a fridge for the cafébottles

Christmas decorations - handmade in Nepal from #Gamcha

Jam sweetened with apple, honey and sap

If you like our jam? Then you have arrived Paradise