Søbogaard Truck Service

In a company like this we are driving across the country - and we like to drive in fancy and sensational cars, vans and trucks.

Here is a small archive of our vehicles over the years.

The yellow Citroën - our loyal partner at the Square in Køge 

This car haven´t been used as van - but  was a part of a "race" in Ærøskøbing 2015

The old truck with hanger - it is retired now

Current van with lift

In the summertime Mother Nature decorates the car 

One of the first of our vans decorated with bottles

Pouls car - he is Citroën man with his heart

Even when it is dark - we will light up

The fleet of vehicles in front of Søbogaard

Marketing on four wheels

..Once Citröen - always Citröen..

Our newest truck - before the decoration