Our locations

Production and office in Herning -

warehouse in Borup

Søbogaard is placed in a beautiful area next to Kimmerslev Sø. The area is protected, so it has not been possible to expand the bouldings as the production needed more space.

Poul and Marianne is still living at the farm and the bouldings are used as warehouse for our goods. Here you can meet Ivan and Steffen when they are not on the road.  

The idyll look by Kimmerslevvej 11

In 2013 the production eas moved and started in Studsgård on Ellen and Niels´ farm called "Store Voldsgård". Here there is a lot of space and room for production, machines, the kids and of course Hnery the Dog and Oliver the Cat. 

The farm with this triple lenght is where all the productions takes place, the office and our little shop is and where you can find Elle, Niels, Linda, Dennis og Mykola every day.


"More and more Danes who actually dies, shows out that they actually both have eaten and drunken products from Søbogaard" 

At the end of the rainbow is where our ltlle golden spot is placed - at Voldsgårdvej 36 outside Herning.