The first honey is sold at Køge Torv.

The 1980s

Elderflower juice is presented for the first time at the Skanderborg Festival. The juice ends up between the trees, but has since become the best-selling product in Søbogaard history. Incidentally, we were the first to commercially introduce elderflower to the Danish market.


The Søbogaard office goes all-in and gets a fax machine installed.


The first issue of Søbogaard Posten goes to press.


The office gets carried away with the development and gets internet installed. We then retired all the carrier pigeons and switched to sending mail via email.
We are now, here in 2022, beginning to believe that it is here to stay.


At the turn of the millennium, our organic schnapps is born, which in short is named `Økvavit` after a simple and precise expression from Søbogaard's then poet and philosopher; Ole Jensen.


The aquavit is such a success that we are now expanding the range with Vødtka and Djøn.


Parts of the production are moved from Borup to Store Voldsgård in Studsgård.


Ellen becomes co-owner of Søbogaard and she and Niels take over the daily operations. The rest of the production has moved to Studsgård.


The webshop for private individuals is born. The idea/need arose during the Corona pandemic, but is definitely here to stay.


Our new large bottling plant is finally up and running, enabling us to produce even more delicious juice

1st edition 1989

2nd edition June 1991

3rd edition March 1994

4th edition December 1999

6th edition 30th anniversary newspaper 2006

7th edition 40th anniversary newspaper 2016